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Seven Secrets of Highly Successful Research Student

Seminar Notes written by Dina Said (Phd Student, Database Lab at University of Calgary) 1) Care & maintenance of Supervisor: Know yourself and your supervisor. People are either do'ers or thinkers. If your supervisor is a thinker, always ask them multi-choice questions. Do u think (a) or (b) is better? They will probably tell you and there are also (c) and (d) and (e). Limit them always to tell you one direction rather than thinking and thinking and thinking without an action. On the other hand, if you supervisor is a do'er and they always tell you do stuff because they think it is just good to try them out. Try to always ask how this is aligned with your thesis question. Also, it is good to prepare an agenda for meeting with your supervisor, be clear on what to ask, at the end of the meeting tell them what you are going to do next, clearly specify your problems, and have meetings on a regular/frequent basis..Additionally, it is always good to send emails before and