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Jasper Tour [ Columbia Icefield Glacier Adventure]

Recently I was in a tour around Jasper National Park with my friends. On our way to Jasper we have visited Columbia Icefield Glacier centre. It was an unique experience in my life. Here I like to share my feelings with you guys !!.

The ice field centre operates from May 1 to October 15.

Ticket: $50/Adult.
Winter boot.

Bus departs every 15 minutes from Icefield Centre. Regular Brewster bus will take you to Brewster Ice Explorers bus station in about 10 min.

Massive Brewster Ice Explorers, specially designed for glacial travel, will take you on a remarkable excursion onto the surface of the Athabasca Glacier. BTW, Ice Explorers bus travel at maximum speed of 12 miles/ hour :P.

While traveling on the ICE Explorer the sharp way down on icy roads might scare some of you :). You will enjoy a unique prehistoric landscape on your way towards the glacier.

Journey is about 80 minute and lead by an experienced driver-guide. It will take you very close to the glacier. You can get off the bus, stand on this powerful ancient ice and experience the remarkable beauty of the glacier.

Don't forget to take photos :).

I particularly like this pose :D.

You can buy souvenir from Icefield Centre souvenir shop. I bought this one for $4.



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