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How to setup remote debugging on a remote machine running within a VM?

This guide will show step-by-step instructions of setting up a remote machine for remote debugging using Visual Studio 2013 Prerequisite:
Visual Studio 2013 or laterRemote machine running Windows 7 within a VM playerNote: Since Visual Studio 2012, Microsoft only supports remote debugging for Windows 7 or newer. To remote debug Windows XP, you'll need to use an older version of Visual Studio and its respective remote debugging tools.
 Step-by-step guide:Download and copy the Remote Tools in your Win7 VM.You must get the update version of the Remote Tools for Visual Studio 2013 that matches the update version of your Visual Studio installation.Install the Remote tools in your VM.After installation, run the Remote Debugger Navigate to Tools->Options MenuEnsure that Windows Authentication is selected. Press OK.Open Visual Studio in your local machine.Make sure you have setup the remote machine in the project you like to remote debug as shown in the following figure.

 You also need to u…