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When it rains, i try to forget my pains and i wonder... Life on this earth what a complicated thing it is! How fiercely we love! How bravely we fight! Our heart becomes faster and slower at the same time when we say someone "I love you so much". We share our happiness & sadness with our nearest & dearest ones. We love each other so much! Friends sacrifice their happiness for friends. Romeo forget all his pain when he see the lovely face of Juliet. Parent's love their children more than my words can explain!! Life becomes so beautiful because of love!!! We can start over again & again because we love our life so much. One day our times will come. We can't believe it now but definitely we will become an old man/woman someday & death will welcome us. So please try to be nice each and everyone you meet on the journey of your life & ofcourse never break anyone hearts.If you have to say no please say it softly.