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Reading List - December 2021

Blogs I have recently read which are worth bookmarking for future reference. Dropbox sync engine rewrite How Query Optimizer works ? Grep Commands Erasure Coding  - Save storage space and increase fault tolerance. jsoup - JAVA HTML Parser Logging with Python  - A great blog from DataDog regarding best practices for logging with Python. Lambda with CloudWatch Logs Insights - Leverage Log Insights to deep dive on logs using a SQL like syntax. Primitive Data Types C# Vs Java

Code Review - Best Practices

Code review is a great learning and knowledge sharing tool not only for the new members of the team but for the long time company veterans as well. Having a code review process in place dramatically improves the code quality and helps detect bugs in an early stage. Much of what I wanted to write here has already been captured in this great post form smartbear. However, here are the important bits:   Author: Size matters. Keep it under 400 lines. For bigger change, break down the review in meaningful chunks. Add TODO comments for future CR. Keep you changes under feature flag or in a separate feature branch to facilitate smaller incremental changes which are not ready to be released in production. Provide a detailed context of the change. I prefer documenting context in commit message and will recommend to follow similar format from Linux project [ link ] Provide details of tests performed to verify the current change. Unit tests, integration tests, verific