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Say no to Racism

There is no superiority of one culture over another one, whites over blacks, one religion over another one, rich  over poor, one nation over another nation...  Although our view is changing now a days and people are becoming more open to other cultures and races but Racism still exists in different forms. If we can educate our future generation, we can expect a better world free of racism. Home is the best place to start  because  education begins at home and parents are the best teachers!.

Hiking around the Rockies [Part 1]

On top of Pocatera Ridge, Kananaskis, Alberta Devil Thumbs, Lake Louise, Alberta. Pocatera Ridge, Kananaskis, Alberta. Paget lookout, Yoho NP, BC. Glacier NP, Montana, US. Ptarmigan cirque, Kananaskis, Alberta Athabasca Falls, Jasper NP, Alberta Ptarmigan cirque, Kananaskis, Alberta