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Learning WCF

What is WCF? Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a framework for building service-oriented applications. It is a unified, simplified and optimized evolution of a number of communication technologies into a single  model. [Ref: MSDN] Why it is important? Enables you to create service oriented applications.  Provide a unified way to communicate with different system. Developers can focus on designing  data and service contracts without having to make prior decisions on which transport, messaging or security protocols and policies to adopt. Allows one to configure service properties such as transport (http/pipes/tcp/Tibco EMS), security models (any of the W3C standards), compression, encoding, timeouts, etc, without changing ANY code.  Learning WCF History Service oriented Architecture [Video] How we end up with SOA? Good Place to Start WCF Basics WCF Hello World Code WCF MSDN Article Intermediate Developer's introduction to WCF Book Learning

Writing better C# code

This post is a collections of articles focusing on writing better C# code. I will update this post as I find more articles. Any suggestions about articles will be highly appreciated.. Some practices to write better C#/.NET code Learn how to make a good code by bad example (Cool!) Designing C# Software With Interfaces Design Pattern Examples in C# Details GuideLine in GitHub