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About Applying to Canadian University

*About Applying to Canadian University (specially University of Calgary)* Many of you are applying for FALL 2011 and I am receiving many mails about  what will make a successful application. As much as I will love to answer all those emails but things are  getting very busy for me now a days with courses, research and  teaching. So I have decided to cheat and write a blog about it instead.. yay :). Before giving you any suggestions one big suggestion is graduate study is  quite stressful and if you are not really passionate about research you can get bored very soon. So try to select a research area that really interests you!. It is hard to tell what exactly will make a successful application but I can definitely share my own experience with you. Firstly, I have contacted with some senior alumni from BUET expressing my interest to apply to University of Calgary. I have requested them to send me some information about the type of research that are going on at U of C and a