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[BUG?] [Using Save as in Windows 7 explorer] Saving a file with a file name same as a folder name within a directory.

I recently encounter this issue while working on a project. I am not sure whether it should be considered as a bug.. probably not.. feel free to throw your opinion

How to generate?
1.Open a new word file in Microsoft office 2010/Notepad/Any other text editor.
2.Click Save as option.
3.Try to Save the file in a directory(folder) with some sub directory inside it.
4. Try to save the file with a name exactly the same name as any of the sub directory within that directory.
Example: If we have folder name "A" try to save the file named as "A".

Actual Result:
It actually open the folder that matched with the typed file name instead of saving the file with that name.

My Concern:
It should allow saving the file instead of opening the folder. [They are different types [directory and single file]. If you later visit that directory and rename the file to the same names as one of the directory it actually works fine with same naming!]

Whether it should be considered as a bug?
It might not…