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Tips for International Students after arriving in Canada

1.Register for Fall/Winter using U my.calgary account 2.Collect you ID card from University: collect your uCalgary Id from mac-wan centre. 3.Contact with your supervisor. You should take $10 with you to get the keys of your lab. 4.Buy Bus ticket book of 10 for $25. You will receive bus pass from September. Opening a Bank account: 1.Open an account (checking/savings) with a Bank (BMO and TD will be good choice) . Make some initial deposit that you have brought with you. They will provide you a Debit card. 2.If you need a Master Card you can apply for that. If you are not a Permanent Resident of Canada most of the time they will only provide you secured credit card. Secured Credit Card means they will held some money as security and will give you a credit limit. For example they will held CAD 625 and provide you a credit limit of CAD 500. If you choose the SPC Master card specially for students you do not have to pay any annual fee for the service :-). 3.It is always a good idea to r

Grad admission process: reflections of an MIT student

I want to share some important tips collected from CSE BUET yahoo groups about graduate admission process in top rank university. I personally find it very helpful.. The following post should be helpful for our Fall 2011 applicants: along the same line, Jeff Erickson's December'09 post is equally valuable (Ragib bhai had sent the link previously to this group): (and please do not skip the subsequent comments on this post). --Samee Dear future applicants, I am probably writing to this group after a long period of time. It might be a long mail. I would like to express some of my suggestions on graduate admission process, more specifically on selecting universities/ research groups. I think past and present graduate students will agree with me. So you might consider them as 'reflections of past/present graduate students' :) Usually, when people from BUET