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Fight Continue

DSD exam has been finished although i am not happy with my exam today but i hope i can figure out A+ in DSD Insallah. Mamnun my room mate is trying very hard now a days. It makes me happy.To you my advice is never wast your time. time is the most valuable wealth you have. Use it for Akhirat or do better in your profession. But never waste it. So the preparation for exam will continue & i am trying hard also now a days.

Web Design

In this long vacation i think today is the day in which i have really do something important,that is designing my personal homepage at . I am trying to design a blogging site like & database design is under completion with the help of my friend Tanzir. I hope our project will come to a success. We are using php, mysql, java script to accomplish this. Wishing a nice day for everyone.